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Qii House Eco Retreat

This national park on the easterly slopes of the Otway Ranges near Lorne and bordering the coast, protects some of Victoria’s most beautiful forests. The vegetation of this 26,000-ha park is mainly wet, temperate rainforests of blue Gum, Mountain Ash and Messmate. As moisture-laden south-westerly winds arrive off the Southern Ocean they are intercepted by the Otway Ranges, which creates high rainfall, nurturing the floristically diverse rainforests. The drier north – eastern section of the park gives way to heathland on sandy soils. The plant communities are particularly interesting: the heathlands share affinities with the Grampians, while the wet forests are similar to those of Tasmania.

Not only are this park and the general area superb for birding but the scenery of the Great Ocean Rd, and the waterfalls and forest on the eastern slopes of the Otway Ranges, are internationally famous. Many species found in the temperate forests east of Melbourne- such as the Superb Lyrebird and Pilotbird-are absent from the Otway Ranges forests but a number of other highly sought – after species, notably Rufous Bristlebird, can easily be found here. (Susan Myers & Tim Dolby)

Qii House offers privacy and melds perfectly into a pristine natural rainforest wild life setting. The Great Otway National Park is an ancient rainforest one of the few beautifully preserved, and part of a broader eco system which once covered the whole earth. About 155 species of bird life have been seen in the Otway coastal region so come prepared with wild birdseed. The antics of the kookaburras, the galahs and the parrots are very amusing whilst venturing deeper into the bush land you may even spot a shy Rufus Bristle Bird.

The native flora is mid to highly significant and has a heritage overlay and is part of a greater rugged “yet to be explored” wilderness eco system. The massive tree flooded landscape consists of tall timbered blue gums and massive tree ferns; breath taking. The air is fresh. There is silence. The sweet bush aroma is uplifting.

Kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, echidnas, koalas, rare and abundant exotic birdlife can be seen all year around on a daily basis at Qii House; even perched on the doorstep. The owls (Southern Boobook, Australian Owlet Night Jar, Powerful Owl, Barking Owl, Masked Owl and Sooty Owl) are well loved.

The location, merely a 15 minute scenic drive to the Lorne shopping amenities and restaurants,the National Heritage listed Great Ocean Road and it’s spectacular beaches whilst offering a tranquil retreat to refresh after a day out. Qii House is in the hub; abundant walking tracks, picnic grounds and many waterfalls including Goslings Waterfalls which is a few hundred metres away and Erskine waterfalls. Lorne is a mecca for waterfalls as there are 10 waterfalls witin a 10 kilometre radius from the township.

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Close by are paddock to plate destinations including vineyards, berry farms set in tiny village locations. The Qii House destination is where the best in all worlds meet.

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